Welcome Message from the Leader of Cambridge City Council

Dear Candidate

Here in Cambridge we have plenty of challenges, plenty to change and plenty to build on. There are so many opportunities as a city and Council that excite us about what is possible through the 2020s.

We want an inspirational leader, a tactician, someone who is ready to transform and reshape how the Council works, our finances and culture, making us fit for the next decade. You will have the highest ambitions and expectations for us as a council, the city and the diverse and vocal community we are proud to work for. In doing all of this, you’ll build and inspire our great team.

You’ll develop our community partnerships and innovate in tackling our twin priorities of dealing with the climate emergency and inequality. You will be building external bonds and ensuring every resident feels part of our plans for the future.

We’re a city with a great heritage and strengths in education, tech and research and you will need to understand the challenges and benefits of development and growth pressures.

As Chief Executive you’ll test boundaries, including your own, and will be joining at a time to help us beat Coronavirus and ensure our successful economic, financial, social and environmental recovery.

If all of that is not enough to make you want to apply, we expect you to channel all the energy, ideas and resourcefulness of our demanding community, partners and economy, enabling all to share in the city’s opportunities, and build “One Cambridge Fair For All”.

And you’ll need to love and enjoy Cambridge, just as much as we do.

Councillor Lewis Herbert, Leader of the Council